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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Get JustinCase for your car and bicycle tires, and outdoor sports balls

By Ihor Cap
On my way home from work,  I discovered my car tire was super low on air and I had to pull up to a gas station fast to fill it up with air.  You know that feeling when cars are honking at you to let you know something is not quite right with your car, eh? Well, when I finally got to the gas station I was horrified to learn that I had to pay a dollar to fill my car tire with air. I just recalled an earlier discussion I had with my colleagues over the water cooler that one day we will be paying for water and air, and here it is. I paid  a dollar 2 days in a row to have my car tire filled with air. Thank goodness I had a dollar on me too. That was in July, and I was planning to see my mechanic about this slow leak among other car problems in August.  I can’t go paying a dollar a day until August I thought to myself. My tire goes flat overnight every day. I knew I had to do something about this quick.
To my delight, I stopped at Canadian Tire to look around for a pump to fill my pool with air when I bumped into this car tire inflator on the shelf that was on sale.  Because the car tire took priority I took immediate interest in this device and with the $10 dollar additional discount, it was hard to say no. So, I bought it for $20 dollars plus tax. The device is called JustinCase. A clever name I might add. When you really need it, it’s there, just in case.

YouTube Frame from EzReklama Video
JustinCase is a wonderful compact, mobile and versatile digital air compressor that you can use to fill the air in your car tire as well as your bicycle tires, sports balls and balloons. Adaptors are included in the box. Just plug one end into your car's cigarette lighter socket, turn your car keys into the accessories position/mode (forward), unscrew the tire cap from your flat tire, screw on the JustinCase hose to the nipple on the car tire with the flat, and press the big red button to start filling the tire with air.  Wait about 5 minutes, and that’s it folks. It’s that simple. The time varies based on tire differences.  Then you can put the device away in your trunk and keep it with you wherever you go. My car tire is still not fixed, but at least I am not paying a dollar a day more for that inconvenience.
Save on Gas!
Even if your car does not have a flat tire, you can still use this device to keep your all of your tires properly inflated. Believe it or not, “properly inflated tires increase gas mileage by over 3%” says the statement on their box. That’s a few cents per litre savings, assuming a fuel price of one dollar per litre folks and that is good enough for me. It pays for itself, doesn’t it?
Safety, another JustinCase reason
Do yourself and your family a favor and play it safe on the road. Don’t be stuck somewhere out in the boonies and find out there is nothing between you and a gas station for miles on end. You can easily keep this device in the back of your trunk. It also has a flash light switch to help you see in the dark, and a built-in LED digital display to let you read the pounds (force) per square inch of area (psi) numbers.  Do not overinflate or under inflate your tire.  Both can be bad for you. Normal car psi tire pressure readings can vary from 30 to 45 psi depending on the make and size of your vehicle. Most cars are around 30 psi. Check your car tire walls to see what psi level is required for your car tire.  Extreme swings in temperature can also affect the psi levels in your tires, but you need not worry because you have JustinCase, right?  If not, it’s one awesome device you should put on your must have list.
Author Information:
Ihor Cap is a web author and dad.  

How to Use JustinCase to Inflate Your Car and Bike Tires YouTube Video

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Our Dog Bobo

WINNIPEG, Manitoba 24/01/2003-02/03/2018

Bobo was our first baby before the baby.  Therefore, that means that Bobo had 10 months seniority.  He was home schooled in Ukrainian.  He knew sit, give paw, give the other, lie down, roll over, go away, be quiet and dance!

His job was to alert us and protect us.  He barked at strangers at the door and the window. His favourite person to bark at was the mail delivery person. He could not wait for him or her at the window from which he would observe the world passing by daily. Most of all, he could not wait for any family member to get home from school, work or from just shopping. He ran after rabbits and squirrels, and barked at his most hated bird the raven.  Territorial I guess. His favourite activity was going for a walk everyday with Mama. They walked 1 hour a day at minimum. Only on super cold days and rainy days would we miss this outing. He played with kids running up and down the house, in the backyard or the park.

Bobo loved good food, and Ukrainian kovbasa, borshch and varenyky were his favourites. No kidding. One thing that everyone could really appreciate is that Bobo was like a domestic assistant around the house, so when something dropped to the floor he would scoop it up, and look around for more!

If he looked like he was resting on the floor while you just zipped to the kitchen for second or two, there was a better than chance that only the buns were left in the hamburger you made. That was Bobo. Clever dog. It pays to be patient. Timing is everything and he knew the rhythms in our house.

Finally, and most important, our Dog gave us unconditional love that no one could ever return in kind. He collected loving kisses and hugs from everyone, and we got the same in return. He was a one-of-a-kind loving and loyal dog. When Bobo died, we got his paw prints from the veterinarian to remember him by but more than that Bobo left his paw prints forever in our hearts!  
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Manuscript of the Three Kings Which Greeted Jesus was Found in the Vatican

"Revelation of the Magi" by Brent Landau
Translated by Ihor Cap and Dariya Dyryk-Cap

A Professor of Religious Studies from Oklahoma University (USA) translated text that reveals new facts about Christmas and the three Magi who brought gifts to Jesus at birth.
Professor Brent Landau deciphered from a dead Syrian language the manuscript which was stored for 250 years in the Vatican library and the origin of which is unknown. 
The text is called "Revelation of the Magi" and is a story about their journey, written in the first person. This is an 8th century copy of the narrative, first recorded in the 3rd century, less than 100 years after the Gospel of Matthew was written- the primary source of history about the "three Kings from the East," the publication notes.
The "Revelation of the Magi" differs significantly from other versions of this biblical story. According to the document, the Magi came not from Persia, but from the land of Shir which is associated with ancient China. "It is reported that they were descendants of Seth, the third son of Adam, and belonged to the sect, who prayed without words" - said the article.
In the traditional legend it is known that there were three magi who came to greet the newborn Jesus. In the "Revelation" it is said there were “dozens.” Matthew makes no mention as to how many Magi there were.
However, Professor Landau doubt’s that the "Revelation" is really written by one of the Magi, but believes that the anonymous authors identified themselves with these mystics and their sect. According to Landau, the "Revelation" states that Seth passed on to his descendants the prophecy about the star that foretold the birth of God in human form.

In the same decrypted text, the discussion follows that Jesus Christ and the Star of Bethlehem – are one and the same. That Christ is capable of transforming himself into everything, and anything.

Translated from Ukrainian

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